As the vinyl keeps spinning

The world keeps spinning

1st Verse

(Keep) Talking that shit about silla it fuels him

So when I fly the birds ain’t nobody excluded

(Keep) Thinking that a kats been lollygagging or bulling

I was stockpiling, reloading, retooling…

(Keep) –in it moving – in 5th gear I’m cruising

Gotta stay elusive as a fugitive

(Keep) On my grind while the rhymes’ still lucrative

Doing it my way yo my dreams are all lucid

I’m painting a vivid picture with literature

10 years ago these images were distant measures

When we was sitting in prison predicaments

Positioning pebbles on picnic tables envisioning

The building of pyramids – like so much play doe

In the hands of lil’kids

Manipulated it – we finagled it – mixed and mangled

Made it pay the rent – look Ma what I made of it.


Keep it coming – The vinyl still spinning

Keep it coming – The world’s still spinning

Keep it coming – Keep it coming

2nd Verse

(Keep) The faith job – your eyes on the pot of gold

at the end of this rainbow – I’m saying yo

(Keep) It in the family like anglos – we getting white money

like we slangin – the slang is so yayo

(Keep) on the low by all means – like my name’s Pablo

hiding from the five-O in meddine

(Keep) it cool 70’s gangster lean superfly

with Curtis Mayfield providing the theme

All ahead full steam – whoever said hip-hops’ dead

Never met me – waterworld kat on a jet ski

he might blow up but he won’t pepsi

Let’s breeze – overseas – Japan England & Australia

Hell yeah - I got my passport – livin in fast forward

Already got the next album wrote and recorded – you kiddies better look for it


Keep it coming – And the vinyl still spinning

Keep it coming – Look the world’s still spinning

Keep it coming – Keep it coming


from The Name The Motto The Outcome, track released May 27, 2010
Author: Senim Silla

Composer: Decompoze



all rights reserved


Senim Silla of Binary Star Los Angeles, California

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