The Name The Motto The Outcome

by Senim Silla of Binary Star



The highly anticipated, long overdue solo effort from Senim Silla of Binary Star. "The Name The Motto The Outcome" is 12 solid tracks of the most innovative Hip Hop music ever put to cd. A must have for any fan of Senim's, those who are bored with Rap today and those who are unfamiliar with the genre of Hip Hop Soul.


released May 27, 2010


Senim Silla
Naaman Norris


Mississippi Steve
Senim Silla
Naaman Norris


LB Horschler
Tim Kaisewics
Steve Tegel
Ben Tegel


Ryan Thomas Johnson

Executive Producer:

Senim Silla



all rights reserved


Senim Silla of Binary Star Los Angeles, California

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Track Name: Keep It Coming
As the vinyl keeps spinning

The world keeps spinning

1st Verse

(Keep) Talking that shit about silla it fuels him

So when I fly the birds ain’t nobody excluded

(Keep) Thinking that a kats been lollygagging or bulling

I was stockpiling, reloading, retooling…

(Keep) –in it moving – in 5th gear I’m cruising

Gotta stay elusive as a fugitive

(Keep) On my grind while the rhymes’ still lucrative

Doing it my way yo my dreams are all lucid

I’m painting a vivid picture with literature

10 years ago these images were distant measures

When we was sitting in prison predicaments

Positioning pebbles on picnic tables envisioning

The building of pyramids – like so much play doe

In the hands of lil’kids

Manipulated it – we finagled it – mixed and mangled

Made it pay the rent – look Ma what I made of it.


Keep it coming – The vinyl still spinning

Keep it coming – The world’s still spinning

Keep it coming – Keep it coming

2nd Verse

(Keep) The faith job – your eyes on the pot of gold

at the end of this rainbow – I’m saying yo

(Keep) It in the family like anglos – we getting white money

like we slangin – the slang is so yayo

(Keep) on the low by all means – like my name’s Pablo

hiding from the five-O in meddine

(Keep) it cool 70’s gangster lean superfly

with Curtis Mayfield providing the theme

All ahead full steam – whoever said hip-hops’ dead

Never met me – waterworld kat on a jet ski

he might blow up but he won’t pepsi

Let’s breeze – overseas – Japan England & Australia

Hell yeah - I got my passport – livin in fast forward

Already got the next album wrote and recorded – you kiddies better look for it


Keep it coming – And the vinyl still spinning

Keep it coming – Look the world’s still spinning

Keep it coming – Keep it coming